Nolen's feline experience . . . The abbot and big kitty . . . Nolen always knew where to pet a cat . . . Its a good thing this was napping belly up! Tiger temple floating market floating market floating market Floating market Twins! Yeah!  We completed and passed our oil massage class! Yeah!  We completed and passed our oil massage class! Oil Massage Class at Wat Po Wat Po temple during Songkran festival GONG! Wat Po Temple at Day 3 of the Songkran water festival Groovin! Last day of Songkran water festival . . . Last day of Songkran water festival . . . Songkran water festival - Day 3 Get your party on! Reporting to you from Khao San Road . . . Songkran festival by night . . . AHA!  a dry farang! Songkran festival of colors . . . and water! Songkran festival of colors . . . and water! Rainbows of colors . . . Kids love the water festival! Thailand's new year . . . the Songkran festival Baby Massage Class Chatuchak weekend street market scene . . Claire and Mr. Thailand . . . Back to Bangkok . . . Fresh sweet pineapples served after the afternoon dive  . . . Fresh sweet pineapples served after the afternoon dive  . . . Our dive boat . . . Nolen resting in between dives . . . off to the Similan Islands! Our busride headed to southern Thailand . . . This is Lisa, my dorm neighbor . . . Meditation Class Feb 2006 This is Ajah Poh, the abbot at the monestary . . . Lotus flower in the meditation pond Rainbow Main walkway to the meditation hall Reflection Pond at Suan Mokkh Meditation Hall 2 at Suan Mokkh The well where we did all our bathings and laundry . . . Dorm bed at Suan Mokkh Natural Hot Spring at Suan Mokkh Suan Mokkh Monestary Bell Our walk to Suan Mokkh Monestary (Day 0) Is this big enough??? Crablettes from Suan Lum night bazaar Flower vendor Our breakfast Our lunch buffet . . . Our morning java cart  . . . Wat Po Traditional Thai Massage School The final fit . . . Off to the tailor! Yummy From artist to artist Night market tunes . . . Ya can't eat just one! My personal favorite, mango with sticky rice The thai version of a fruit stand . . . Fresh mango salad for 50 cents Night market scene early evening . . . The old city . . . Alternative river ride . . . The morning after our night in the jungle . . . Even breakfast was a hit . . . Our campfire . . . Some chow! up . . . up  . . .  and up! Into the jungle . . . The ride was smoother than I thought . . . Look! No hands! Hitching a ride across the river . . . Our 2 hour walk to elephant haven . . . Free to Roam anywhere even the kitchen Sue's new friend A white elephant A lot of time to watch Michelle, the backbone of elephant camp. R n R Going back for a rest Community Twice a day The elephants are happy here Rolling Around Sue washing the elephants Going for a wash Family I have never been this close to an elephant. Amazing to be with Max A Kiss from Hope Wisdom The latest baby born at the Park Elephants and their Mahouts Elephant Nature Park Cute Kid Party into the Night Shrine A Loving Couple Our view from our song tao ride . . . Night Drives Stary Nights Melissa having a blast! Cheese! My Beautiful Wife Bustling Fun Market Style So much food! Krathongs Food Cart Festival street scene Loi Krathong parade Loi Krathong festival parade Loi Krathong parade float Parade dancer Day before Loi Krathong festival Candle lamps for Loi Krathong festival Loi Krathong, festival of lights Street scene the day before Loi Krathong festival Nolen, the celebrity . . . Family Grandma Mong Village in the Hills Teaching the Way Peace Post Foreigners one way, locals the other way  . . . Doi Suthep Temple's 300+ stairs Doi Suthep Temple Melissa's coconut cream . . . Chiang Mai Kitchen Cooking School Chaing Mai Sausage Thanin Day Market, Chiang Mai Exotic fruit, Thanin Market, Chiang Mai Dragon Fruit and Red Rose Apple Fresh pastes and ready made spices Various spices So many types of rice! Coconut Milk Maker Humungous pots of goodness! Thanin Day Market, Chiang Mai Succulent fresh blue shrimp . . . The Day Market Busy Night Market Yummy Dessert Umbrella factory Silver Workshop Silver Factory Thai Silk Worms Noi Na Fruit VW Bus Bar Wat Pho Temple Spirit houses Friendly faces . . . The Buggy Cart Basketfuls Truckloads of pineapples and watermelons Ride on a riverboat I wish I had room in my stomach to try these! Pots of various soups made to order . . . Yummy green noodles! More goodies! So much food to try! Day market food fest Anything on a stick Intricate Detail of Beauty An Opening Lotus OUR 1,000th PHOTO on this BLOG!! I LOVE IT! I love this photo! The Bangkok Palace Pad Thai anyone? Yummy! Thai Massage A Tuk Tuk Welcome to Bangkok